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May 21, 2024 (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM)

The **"Safeguarding in Sport for Development"** series aims to address the critical importance of safeguarding within the Sport for Development (S4D) sector. This series seeks to ensure that all sport-based interventions are conducted in a safe, inclusive, and protective environment for all participants, especially children and vulnerable adults. Through a combination of workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions, the series will equip S4D organizations, practitioners, and stakeholders with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to implement effective safeguarding policies and practices. In this first session facilitated by Laureus Sport for Good, we will cover the basics. A crash course for beginners (and those who might enjoy a refresher) to understand: - What is safeguarding and what is child protection; - what are the key international frameworks; - and the International Safeguards in Sport We hope that after this introduction you will leave the session with a better understanding of key safeguarding principles and the importance of safeguarding in sport for development, and will be inspired to bring about change in safeguarding in your organisation. **About the facilitators:** - Sara Downie is Safeguarding Officer at Laureus Sport for Good Foundation where she provides support to grantees with strengthening their safeguarding policies and helping them with staff training. She previously worked as a coach in schools in the UK and Mexico, learning firsthand how to implement safeguarding on the ground. - Julia Schilling is Co-Director at Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Germany & Austria, and the foundation’s Safeguarding Officer. Julia has been supporting organisations from the sport and sport for development sector on safeguarding issues and developments for the last 5 years. Julia’s vision for safeguarding is to install safeguarding as a quality indicator and a tool to foster the rights of the child.